A Dunes Oasis



OCCUPANCY/BOOKINGS | This is a link to your property’s personal and exclusive website.  You can share this link to help drive bookings, you can also view occupancy.

UPCOMING RESERVATIONS |  This tool will launch a report feed, in real time, to show you future reservations and provide you a rough snap shot of your income stream.

REQUEST CALENDAR BLOCK |  It’s your house, use it when you want to.  Self-book with no commission fee too if you want.  Use this tool to BLOCK dates and request services and communicate with your Escape Support team.


April, 2018 Escape Properties started to migrate reservation data for your property.  We made a business decision not to migrate the financial data for those reservations.  Therefore it is possible that you may see a $1 reservation in your data.  This is NOT a $1 rental.  It is a place holder to allow us to bring in a reservation block, so we don’t create a duplicate booking on your home.  The reservation is valid, the financial data however will not be brought over. 

When the reservation was created in our old system, you should have received an email with the financial data for that booking.  

The month end report will also have actual financial data.

REMOVE A BLOCK |  To remove an owner block, simply email the request to sales@escape2stgeorge.com or christine@escape2stgeorge.com

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