The Parade of Homes is an annual self guided tour through some of southern Utah’s newest and most beautiful homes.  The Parade starts on President’s Day weekend and that first weekend the entire town is crowded and so are the Parade Homes.  We strongly recommend coming out the second week of the parade.  Not only will you find the homes less crowded, you will likely save money waiting until after the presidents day weekend rates drop back down to normal.

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to come to the area the second week or weekend that’s OK.  The tours move fast enough to keep you engaged.  You may want to get out to the homes of interest first thing in the morning.  Also, hitting the homes during lunch time helps too as many people leave the parade to grab some food.


Come check out our booth in the Cole West Home! (Town Center Project in Coral Canyon near the Zion Harley Davidson dealership)


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