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Who will be a 2018 St. George IRONMAN? (It might as well be you!) If not you, then you can cheer for your favorite candidate on May 5, 2018! St. George Ironman Registration is open now! Click here for details!

Photo by Kristy-Kravchenko

Why St. George?

Where else would you see an unforgettable red rock backdrop everywhere you turn? The inspirational event in this setting offers an authentic southwest flair. Yeehaw!

Inspiration for the St. George Ironman event doesn’t only come from the spectacular scenery, but also from the enthusiastic fans of the competition. Hence, you’ll find encouragement and celebration for participants on virtually every street corner.

Step on up to the World Championship level, due to St. George Ironman Championship 70.3 for North America offering 75, count ’em, 75, qualifying slots for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in South Africa, at Nelson Mandela Bay!

In the Beginning…

How did anyone think this would be fun, anyway? First of all, in 1978, a bunch of outdoorsy-type guys in Oahu, Hawaii got together to debate the merits of different types of exercise. (And who in Hawaii is NOT outdoorsy, I’d like to know? It’s always a perfect temperature there, and come on, people, we humans are waterproof. I don’t want any complaints about a few warm raindrops fallin’ on your head.)  These guys thought of all the fun things they enjoyed doing since they were kids, such as riding bikes, swimming, and running to the corner store for penny candy. They couldn’t agree on which one offered the best exercise benefits, so, hey, why not do them all?

But since these guys set up such long distances for these idyllic childhood pursuits, some people said they wouldn’t be fun anymore. Swim for 2.4 miles? Run for 26.2 miles? How about peddling your two-wheeler 112 miles? (Better be some pretty good candy at that store.) Not only that, the grueling events had to be completed one right after the other! No sleeping in between! No showers! No penny candy!

“Impossible,” some said. “You’d have to be made of iron to do that.”

Fifteen athletes took on that first challenge. Consequently, with no imposed deadline to completion, (hey, this was just for fun!) twelve finished.

Forty years later, the Ironman competition is hosted around the world. In conclusion, you can be part of the St. George excitement, perhaps even get new inspiration for a personal fitness goal.

It’s not Hawaii, but St. George Ironman offers a memorable course!

Photo by-Artem-Verbo

The St. George Ironman swim takes place at breathtaking Sand Hollow Reservoir. Loop around the blue waters, which will keep you cool at 60-64 degrees.

Photo by-Clark-Young

The bike ride out of Sand Hollow, looping through Hurricane, then along Highway 9 into Washington and through St. George will keep the even the slowest peddler entertained. A flat stretch toward Ivins, then an amazingly diverse landscape through Snow Canyon before a blissful descent back into St. George will have you riding with the childhood abandon ideal of, “Look, Ma, no hands!”

Photo by-Maarten-van-den-Hueval

The run along Red Hills Parkway will put you on top of the world. Then you’ll sweep down into the heart of town at Main Street to the accolades of all your fans, and the great satisfaction of knowing that YOU DID IT!