Utah’s wide open spaces are covered with majestic national state parks. Snow Canyon State Park is not to be missed. It happens to be conveniently located just 8 miles north of Sunset Boulevard and Bluff Street in St. George, Utah. The scenic drive to the park entrance alone is enough to take your breath away.

Snow Canyon entrance as seen heading south toward St. George.

Entrance station to Snow Canyon.

Once you’ve stopped to take care of admission, the drive to the campground is like a trip through time. Mountainsides of various colors unfold before your eyes, offering lava fields, red stone, and petrified dunes. Convenient pullouts let you explore the unique formations more closely.

The drive to the campground offers spectacular vistas.

Several convenient pullouts allow you to pause and plan your adventure.

Camping spots with electric hookups or tent sites both come with complimentary showers at Snow Canyon.


Once you’re settled, you can follow the Butterfly Trail around the petrified dunes to visit the lava tubes, left behind after volcanic flow cooled on the outside and the hot inside flowed right out! Take a flashlight, as the tubes are underground.  (Ooo, spooky!) Some ancient Native Americans actually made their homes in some particularly inviting lava tubes. If you crave sunshine, you can bike ride on the Whiptail Trail, or even on the curvy road through the canyon.


If you’re not feeling quite that ambitious, then you can sit in the giant dune’s sandbox and make sand castles. Although not as soft as sand, rock climbing in Snow Canyon’s designated areas might make you feel like king of the hill!


Hiking around the area may reveal some animal tracks. If you trek along the half mile Pioneer Names Trail, you may spot some names of early pioneers scrawled on the rock in axle grease from clear back around 1881. Johnson Trail will take you to a natural stone arch that spans 200 feet.

Enjoy your unforgettable escape to Snow Canyon!