Just this past week I had the opportunity to watch a family/friend of my husband race in the St. George Dog-town Half Marathon. It was motivating for me to watch her push past her limits and conquer something physically exhausting. I have always admired the strength and endurance marathon runners have. I have also had the opportunity to volunteer at the St.George Iron Man for several years in the past. These man and woman are beyond amazing. I’m a runner myself, but have never thought of myself as someone capable of such a task. This video below will inspire you to overcome the impossible!

As stated above, I consider myself a runner, but not a Marathon or Iron Man runner. I don’t know what it is about spring time, but it has me in the mood to challenge myself physically and start new health goals. With marathons and Iron mans staring all around the world, my husband and I have been inspired to start running together every night. It may not be as extraordinary as Iron Man training, but I love that the culture of Iron Man can inspire every kind of people to push themselves.

This decision for my little family to become runners was inspired in part by all the people that I see riding, conditioning and preparing to compete  in these type of events.  You can see them running/biking in teams or by themselves every weekend in St. George.  Our community has miles upon miles of trails – with the ultimate goal of making it possible for a person to ride/hike on a trail system from Zions to St. George.  The views of the red rocks and the couture of the trails is beautiful.  Here is a link to the City of St George’s trail system.

The next time you travel to the St. George area bring your bike and running legs!  Escape Properties has homes with private garages that you can secure your bikes in at night.  Many of these homes are located near trail heads so you can access the trails without driving your car anywhere too. Escape Properties wants to make your Iron Man experience the best it can be! We want you to be able to come to a vacation rental that feels like home after a long day of training!

If you want a little more adventure – go Gooseberry Mesa trail system  near Zion National Park.  Be sure to pack your camera and a little water for a great experience.

See you soon and good luck with the big race!!!

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