If you’re visiting St. George and you want to check out the local music scene and see some fresh musical talent, Jazzy’s Rock n’ Roll Grill is the place to go. The atmosphere at Jazzy’s is very laid-back and relaxed. It’s a unique venue to the area. Besides great live music, Jazzy’s offers delicious food, smoothies, and coffee. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Live music can be found at Jazzy’s at least twice a week, often more!

Jazzy's Rock n Roll Grill, St. George, UT

The front of Jazzy’s Rock n’ Roll Grill

One of the music events Jazzy’s hosts is their Under the Covers open mic night. Local artists and groups cover songs from famous bands and musicians. Last month, the Under the Covers night featured music by the Beatles, performed by Kaitlyn Sevy and Nick Adams. This month, on May 15th, the Under the Covers event featured music by Radiohead, performed by Cody Nightspring, Nate Torgerson of Erik the Red, and Whiskey Tooth. I heard of the event through a Facebook invite from Cody, who I’ve known for a while, and was glad to go to Jazzy’s and show my support. I’ve seen Cody perform before and know he is a very talented musician and singer, so it was great to have another opportunity to see him in action. Plus, there’s a few of the more popular Radiohead songs I’d heard that I really liked, like their song “Fake Plastic Trees,” and I was interested in hearing more of their songs. Diehard Radiohead fans would be ashamed of me and my lack of knowledge, but I am proud to say that I am a little less ignorant now . . .

Cody did an awesome job performing his set and I definitely gained a better appreciation of Radiohead from listening to him. The songs were very melodic while still having an edge and Cody’s voice suited the songs perfectly, very mellow and smooth. I wasn’t able to stick around for the next two acts, but I have no doubt they did an excellent job as well. I wish I had stayed and had a listen. At any rate, if you go to Jazzy’s to enjoy some live music, I’m sure you will not be disappointed. This was not my first time to attend a music event there, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Jazzy’s offers shows and open mic nights that incorporate all genres and that give local artists and bands a chance to show what they’re made of and to be heard.

Jazzy's Rock n Roll Grill, St. George, UT

Cody performing his set

Hopefully, I’ve given you a little taste of what Jazzy’s offers in the way of live music. As far as what Jazzy’s offers in the way of food, I have less experience with that, but what I have experienced so far has been positive. I haven’t been to Jazzy’s during the daytime and tried out their lunch and breakfast menus, because I’m always going to their music events which take place at night or late in the evening. However, I have heard, by word of mouth, that they have delicious biscuits and gravy. Also, I’ve seen very positive reviews about their coffee selection. I have not tried the coffee there, but I have tried a few of their smoothies, which were quite good. Also, the night I watched Cody perform, I ordered some chicken tacos. I believe on the menu they were called, “Tim’s Terrific Tacos.” It’s an appropriate name, as they really were terrific. They were full of flavor, with chicken, lettuce and tomato, cheese, red onion, avocado, and a yummy cilantro-cream sauce. I enjoyed every mouthwatering bite. Also, they were a great price and the portions weren’t at all stingy. I think they cost just over $6 with tax and there were three tacos on my plate, with limes on the side.

Jazzy's Rock n Roll Grill, St. George, UT

My delicious chicken tacos and smoothie

So, to sum it up, if you’re looking to enjoy live music in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and perhaps enjoy some delicious food as well, Jazzy’s is the place for you.


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