The Lunch Box Restaurant, St. George, UT

The Lunch Box

A Great Little Restaurant in St. George

The Lunch Box is just off of E. Tabernacle, that offers delicious and unique sandwich choices in a fun setting. It is open daily from 11am to 5pm. And one very important fact . . . they never stint you on the meat. There’s plenty of meat on their sandwiches and it’s good quality meat too. My sister had raved about their BBQ pork sandwich before and mentioned the generous amount of meat, but I hadn’t had a chance to ascertain the truth of what she said about their meat portions until just recently. I went to The Lunch Box and ordered the Chicken BBQ sandwich. It was my first trip to the Lunch Box and I was not disappointed. I love chicken, but I sometimes feel wary when ordering it as I’ve had bad experiences where it ended up being gristly or dry or chewy, and consequently, not very good. Not with this sandwich! The chicken was thin-sliced breast meat and it was moist and high-quality. I was glad there was plenty of it, without it being an overwhelming amount.

Now, before I go into more details about the mouth-watering goodness of my sandwich choice, I have to say a little word for the name-appropriate ambiance of the place. From the outside it is rather plain, but it still has a certain retro charm and appeal, with two tall umbrellas for shade and a couple of nice patio tables with chairs. As you enter the restaurant, the first thing you will notice are the vintage lunch boxes decorating the walls. There are themes from The Monkees band to classic Star Trek to Curious George. There are also a few framed photos and paintings that are lunch box themed. One is a black and white vintage photo of old-fashioned lunch boxes and also sack lunches stuck in children’s school cubbies, which I found interesting. It looked like the photo might have been taken in the 1950’s. The walls in the restaurant are painted a warm butter-yellow color, which made for a cheery feel about the place. The yellow color worked well with the black and deep purple color accents. On the tables are cute black and white tablecloths with a vintage-looking print. Altogether, with the lunch boxes and the quaint décor, it made for a fun and eye-catching atmosphere.

The Lunch Box Restaurant, St. George, UT

Some lunch box “decor”

Since what’s inside the lunch box is always of more import than its cute exterior (just think of those elementary days trading food at lunch hour), I’ll get back to what the Lunch Box has to offer for the taste buds. There are quite a few sandwich options, including a few good vegetarian choices, as well as salads and the soup of the day. As I mentioned earlier, I went with the Chicken BBQ sandwich, and had some Vickie’s jalapeno chips on the side. My mom, who dined with me, chose the tuna melt with a side of coleslaw and was happy with her choice. Each sandwich comes with a side of either a homemade salad or chips. I know my sister loves their potato salad and I wanted to try it, but they had only two salad options left when I went as it was the end of a busy lunch hour. So, I did not get to try the potato salad, but with the sandwich I was very impressed.

There Was a Lot of Flavor Packed in That One Scrumptious Sandwich!

You know food is good when just the first bite brings a blissful smile to your face. My sandwich was good till the very last bite. Perfectly toasted white bread, chicken breast, bacon, fried onion strings, yummy BBQ sauce, a touch of ranch dressing, cheddar cheese, tomato and lettuce—all made for a perfect combination of flavors. It definitely proved the truth of the restaurant’s logo, which was printed on their menu: “small place . . . big taste.”  I couldn’t have been happier with my choice.

The Lunch Box Restaurant, St. George, UT

One delicious sandwich – the BBQ Chicken

Fantastic Food and Atmosphere with Friendly and Gracious Proprietors

Overall, The Lunch Box made for a wonderful dining experience, a great option for a truly satisfying lunch. I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t had the chance to try it. There is a reason it was given 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trip Advisor. You can also check out the facebook page for The Lunch Box and take a look at the menu by clicking here.





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