Cafe Sabor – You find yourself vacationing in St. George and you’re looking for a family friendly dining experience that’s light on the pocket book but amazing on it’s ambiance.  If you’re like me, you like to eat at the local restaurants while on vacation.  Let me introduce you to Cafe Sabor!

Cafe Sabor opened it’s doors in the first week of December.  This location used to be the Wagon Wheel restaurant- a dumpy little building on St. George Boulevard.  The new owners gutted and renovated it to a trendy cafe and sport’s bar.  Featuring Mexican and Southwest flavors.

My friends and I decided to try it out last week.  Walking in, the first thing I noticed was the coolest tortilla machine I have ever seen- okay, so it was the only one I’d ever scene.  A ball of massa (tortilla dough) is dropped in the top, to flatten out, fall on the hot plate,  and flip it to another so both sides are cooked evenly. Next thing you know it places it on to a conveyor belt which brings the perfectly cooked tortilla up to a cloth lined basket for servers to whisk them to eagerly awaiting patrons and their hot off the grill fajitas.

We were quickly seated in a table booth with windows overlooking the boulevard.  The stylish up to date look was unlike any of the old town fiesta themed Mexican restaurants I’ve become accustomed to.

The restaurant was clean and open. Right at the entrance we were welcomed with homemade candy. You then had the option to enjoy your meal in the dining space on the right, or the upstairs loft which features a full bar.  Cafe Sabor perfectly meshes hip and cozy, creating a restaurant for all ages to enjoy.

The food was nothing short of fantastic, and the chips and salsa appetizer was no exception.  The chips were warm and crisp and the salsa was hot and didn’t have that super sweet tomato taste I’ve never been fond of.  They were clearly made just minutes prior.  When it came time to order, the three of us decided on different dishes, we wanted to taste everything.  Food presentation was beautiful.  Each meal brought out different shaped, different colored plate’s.  AND IT WAS FAST.  Maybe 5 minutes later he had our food sitting in front of our faces ready to dig in!

Taelor was talked into The Thursday Special.  This deal included a burrito and a drink for just $5.95.  And let me tell you, the portions were huge!  The burrito was massive, almost the size of a football.  They topped it with red sauce, cheese,  and heaping scoops of guacamole, sour cream, and pico de gallo.    Melinda Picked out a beef chimechanga with rice and beans on the side.  I ordered the pork quesadilla with caramelized onion and black beans on the side.  Nothing was overly hot or under flavored and the quesadilla wasn’t stacked with onions.  In fact, I would dare say everything was portioned to perfection.  I think the chimechanga ended up being my favorite!

When we finished boxing up our leftovers I was super relieved to see everything had been reasonably priced.  The food was not quite as cheap as Casa Dona Maria but better than the menu at Peppers Cantina.  You can expect to pay about $9 per person.

Overall I would most definitely recommend Cafe Sabor to anyone looking for something quick and delicious.  Whether it’s just getting a table for one during your lunch break, or you inviting a group of friends to join you for a dinner out, Cafe Sabor is Mexican food for any occasion.

Here’s a link to the website  The website menu includes prices, for this quality of a restaurant the prices are reasonable and extremely budget friendly.  Be sure to check out their specials such as the ‘kids eat free on Monday’s’, the ‘Thursday lunch deal’, or the ‘Early diner- two for $20 deal

It is not required of you to make a reservation, it is however, recommended on a busy weekend.