Two Men and a Ladle Restaurant, St. George, UT

Two Men and a Ladle – Open Mon-Sat. 7am-7pm

One thing I really enjoy about my job is eating at new local eateries and seeing what they’re all about. This week I went to Two Men and a Ladle, located right next to Edible Arrangements, in the same business complex as Ichiban and several other great restaurants. Before going in person to check out the restaurant, I was given one of their to-go/delivery menus and was intrigued by the simpleness of the fare offered: “Soups Potatoes Sliders,” just as stated on their menu. And looking at the items on their menu, that is what you see, just variations of those simple things.

It’s funny how even a little thing as a menu can give you an impression of a place. I thought that the fact that the menu folded up to look rather like a fancy dress shirt, was really cute and clever. It was simple in design but well-executed. So, before even going to eat there, I was already excited to see what Two Men and a Ladle was all about.

 Two Men and a Ladle Shares an Entrance with Edible Arrangements

There’s no sign at the top of the building to let you know it’s there. The door, however, is clearly marked with the restaurant’s name. Inside the restaurant it is cute and simply decorated. The floor is checkered in red, black, and white. There is a really nice tribute to the owner’s grandpa, who was a veteran, on the wall. I wish I had thought to ask his story. They have a framed picture of him in his uniform, with his name painted below. Above the picture it says, “If my grandpa can’t pronounce it . . . we don’t serve it.” That seems to sum up the nature of the restaurant pretty well. There aren’t a lot of frills, just basic, good food. And they have great prices.

Two Men and a Ladle Restaurant, St. George, UT

Touching tribute

The prices of all their menu items range from $2.50-$7.50.  You can get a cup of soup for $2.50, a bowl for $3.25. Their potatoes are more in the $5-7 range, but with all the toppings, they are quite filling. When my friend and I went the other day, he ordered the “Amazing x 2 Deal,” which is a single potato ($5 by itself) with 2 sliders or a cup of soup and a drink, all for $7.50. I believe that is a deal they have available every day, which is pretty great. My friend chose the Hawaiin Haystack potato and The Lariat (pulled pork) and BLT sliders. I ordered a single Chicken Bacon Ranch potato, so between our two orders we had a pretty good variety of flavors to try out. Out of everything we ordered, the Chicken Bacon Ranch was my favorite, and I think it was my friend’s favorite too. Next to that, I really liked the little BLT slider, as mini sandwiches go, it was pretty fantastic.

I didn’t quite finish my potato at the restaurant, but I got a to-go box and the potato was still good when I ate the rest of it a little later, even with it starting to get cold. The flavor was still there. You can’t go wrong with ranch! Perhaps there are a few exceptions, but this was not one of them. Besides taking my potato in a to-go box, and one of the sliders, I also had some dessert I had taken to-go and was able to try. The owner of the restaurant sold me on the dessert, he gave a wonderful, mouth-watering description, so I had to try it. It was the Raspberry Pretzel pie, relatively simple in its ingredients and appearance, but quite delicious. It had a layer of cream cheese, mmm . . .

Overall, I Was  impressed with My Experience at Two Men and a Ladle

Also, I have a feeling that it has its regulars, which is always a good sign. There was a table of cute old ladies who seemed pretty comfortable there and said goodbye to my friend and myself as we were leaving. The staff was small, but friendly. Our server was efficient in her service and very helpful. My positive experience with the food and service led me to go back to the restaurant yesterday and give their soup a try. I got their Mama’s Chili to go, with saltine crackers and cheese on the side. The chili was quite good. It had a nice, kind of hickory-smoked flavor that I liked. Of course, I added all the cheese and the saltine crackers. It had a pretty good consistency, but I like my chili on the chunkier side and the crackers helped with that. It was a very satisfying lunch.

Two Men and a Ladle Restaurant, St. George, UT

Our server was gracious enough to let us take a pic of her in her awesome “tuxedo” uniform.

If you have a chance, go and check out Two Men and a Ladle. You can’t beat their prices for some good, simple fare, made fresh and made right. I think I’d like to go back sometime myself and try their $2 and $4 breakfast.



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