Owner Tools

Razor Sync Link – View, create and pay work orders at your unit.

GUESTY OWNER PORTAL – Here is where you can view your calendar, block dates and view projected revenues by booking

IF you need a password reset or do not know your login credentials (usually your email address) email kendall@escape2stgeorge.com and I can reset or create access.


Start by clicking on the Razor Sync link to the left.  Then enter your email address and password.  

Once in the RazorSync portal you can CREATE a service request, view invoices, quotes and pay open invoices.  To pay an invoice, click on MY INVOICES and select the one for payment (view detail) then select PAYMENT and provide credit card details.

Staff Tools

These tools are used by our internal staff to manage our cleaning and inspection check out processes.  Owners do not need to engage in these tools.

orangeicon-shoppes Cleaner Invoice System Escape Properties pays cleaners out every Friday.  Invoices need to be submitted by Wednesday in order to be processed and paid this week.  Questions, call accounting at (435) 414-1515 x 5

orangeicon-tours Guest Check Out System