I’ve lived in the St George area for nearly 9 years and there are still things I am learning and discovering – a few weeks ago I took my family on a SunSoker tour and had my eyes opened again at how much is around me in St George that I didn’t know about.



SunSoker Tours is not a typical jeep tour where you just go out and drive around in the desert and climb a few rocks – this is a fully customizable type tour.  The tour guides have been tromping around these parts since they were little girls!  That’s right – these are girls!  Normally on a jeep tour you’d expect some burly dude with a thick beard and mustache taking you around – but these gals know their stuff.  We learned history about the area from native american plant use to early pioneer as well as a rich geological and zoological history.

They took us up on a route/area called ‘Smith Mesa’ which is home to the 1940’s-50’s era secret rocket and ejection seat test lab known as the ‘Flying Monkey’ where they launched monkeys on jet rockets down a track then ejected them to test endurance, materials and safety systems during the cold war.  Here is a good read on the history of the facility

We learned about geological shifts in the formation of the terrain and saw lots of petrified wood that at first glance was just another rock.  We learned about plants and how to use them for tea to tooth brushes and smelled tree sap (smelled like vanilla)

The tour jeeps were comfortable and clean and the conversation was rich the entire four hours.  Erica and Debbie will do all they can to make your tour the best.  They offer private yoga tours as well as group tours like we went on.  Call or visit them for better details.  (435) 421-9524 www.sunsokertours.com