A growing number of vacationer’s are wanting to take the family pet on vacation with them.  For years this has posed some challenges to find a hotel that would allow pets.  With the advent of the ‘Sharing’ economy the availability of pet friendly options is opening up on sites like AirBnb.com or VRBO.com. finding such vacation rentals is getting easier.  

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Of course not all vacation homes will allow pets, but many do.  Allowing pets is another way innovative property owners have found to set their property apart from others.  

Be prepared however to pay a little extra for a premium option.  About $10-20/day more as well as a possible extra on deposits.  That said, it is still a reasonable and affordable option to bring our little friends along.

Many of the pet friendly units are equipped with kennels and some other basics but where this is a new niche, you may need to bring some items from home still.  Best to ask the owner/manager what they provide.  Innovative owners will listen and start to be more descriptive and responsive to your needs.  (making it better for everyone)

Important to note:  Even if you’re staying in a pet friendly vacation rental does not mean everywhere is pet friendly.  As an example, there are limits on pets in Zion National Park.  If you want to go hiking, you may or may not be able to include the little fur-ball.  Check with your local managers for suggestions of where pets may be welcomed and do a few minutes of research yourself.

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