An inviting entrance.

Have you ever wanted to explore the backside of a waterfall? Have you wondered what it would feel like to slide down a dinosaur’s back? Have you harbored a hankering to huddle inside an erupting volcano? Then you don’t want to miss the free admission Thunder Junction All Abilities Park located at 1851 S Dixie Drive in St. George, Utah, (Turn at the Tonaquint Park sign.)

 Mysterious entrance to the back of the waterfall.

 Looking out through the back of the waterfall.

 Bring your swimming suit to run under the shower of water.

 If you don’t want to suit up, you can wade in the shallow pool.

 What’s it like to slide down a dinosaur’s back?

 The volcano!

 Looking up through the volcano smoke hole!

Not only is this uncommon feature themed after a jungle wonderland of dinosaurs and volcanoes, it also offers a place for people with disabilities to play on equipment that would be unavailable for them on a standard playground. Sturdy, oversized molded plastic swings with safety bars wait alongside standard sling-style swings to take any and all passengers for a ride.

 The joy of swinging is available for everyone!

A person on a single circle seat can slip along a zip line beside another rider belted into a plastic safety seat providing head and arm support.

 Anyone can ride the zipline!

Where else can you be inside a volcano, or poise on a slatted wooden bridge, ready to dash outside when an “eruption” takes place every 45 minutes?

 View from the side of the volcano.

 Can you survive a volcanic eruption?

Visitors can play oversized outdoor musical instruments,

 All ages and abilities are welcome to make their own kind of music.

 Oversized musical instruments are available for everyone.

stroll along lush paths of greenery,

 Paths beckon you to explore.

 You may want to wear your safari hat in the jungle.

sit on split dinosaur egg-shaped seats or a standard park bench,

 What does it feel like to sit in a dinosaur egg?

 A comfy green bench.

surrounded by cheerful dinosaur signs.

 This happy message greets you at Thunder Junction.

 Friendly little dinosaurs live in the park.

For a different view of the park, a nominal fee will get you a ride on the train that circles Thunder Junction.

 Friendly engineers wait to take you on a journey.

 Only a dollar for the thrill of a train ride!

 A dinosaur waterfall!

You can even park your bicycle beside a dinosaur.

Make fun memories here! No matter what your age or ability, you’ll never forget your visit to Thunder Junction All Abilities Park.