This Is the Best Idea for Your Vacation

When shopping for a Utah vacation rental many people often relate the cost of the rental to that of a Hotel and perceive a vacation rental home to be more expensive.  The reality is that the vacation rental home is most often the best deal when you know the value of benefits.  Here’s why:

Value #1: You Are Renting a Full-size residence, Not Just a Room

Utah Vacation Home

Comfortable living space – just like home

You are renting one single room when you rent a hotel room.  A big room with two queen beds, 4 plastic cups by the sink and a bathroom with 4 towels for every one to share.  The room is 3 floors up, down a hall and a 10 minute walk back to the car- each way.  Everyone shares one TV so you are stuck watching what ever the littlest one wants to watch – and romance is (usually) out of the question.  When you rent a Vacation Home you are renting the VALUE of having multiple rooms that can fit your entire party, a great room, a full kitchen where you can cook homemade meals that save you money from eating out, more than one bathroom, and more than one TV. Long story short, you are renting space. You also are renting in many cases a yard, private or luxury pool/hot tubs access, private parking and a ‘Home’ environment with art, decor and comfortable home-like ambiance.

Value #2: Price Per Room

You might see a quote from us for a 4 bedroom unit, with a community pool, for $1575 for a 3 night stay.  Your first reaction is ‘Gasp’! That’s $525 a night! If you break down a comfortable living space just like a home room by room it comes down to $131/room per night – which is 22% below the prevailing cost per night of $169 for a comparable hotel room.  Now you start to feel the value.  You just saved money!

Value #3:  Cost of Food

Vacation Rental Utah

Beautiful and spacious kitchens

Eating out on vacation is fun to do – and should be done to try some of the local flavor.  But if you’re here for 2-5 days, eating out becomes boring and always expensive.  Having the ability to cook your own meals, to prepare your own snacks, to BBQ pool side makes the cost of meals on vacation drop – again saving big bucks.  There are 3 people in my home now – for us to eat at McD’s the other day we spent nearly $22  (not a happy meal really).  Just by having a kitchen can save $$ hundreds $$ on your vacation budget.

Summary – Quality of the vacation experience goes up, overall cost goes down.  Very ‘Americana’!  You achieved a great balance between cost and value.

BONUS:  Cost sharing – travel with friends/family, split the cost.  A private residence allows for you to have your own space and share the cost too.  This way your overall cost is lower and the memories you create and building of the relationship is priceless.

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