Did you raise your kids on Disney?  We did.  As such the story line in Peter Pan is no mystery but it is a timeless classic that brings back amazing memories the older we get. The Tuachan stage production did not disappoint and the actors, music and props all came together in perfect order!

Here are soPeter Panme highlights from my perspective:

Peter Pan and the shadow – we’ve all seen the movie, the shadow scene is imaginative as we all think to ourselves “can we ever lose our shadow?” The actress pulls it off very well with a silhouette performance that nailed the sentiment. The choreography with ‘Tinker Bell’ was spot on.

Capt’n Hook and ‘Smythe’ are one of literature’s original sinister duos.  The parts are played well – and the crowed booooooo’d at the perfect time.  Of course the actors rolled with the punches.  Even though the Crock had a light role in the production I thought the design team did a wonderful job on the costume.

Tiger-Lilly and the Indians were amazing.  The rhythm and music choriography are exceptional.  I wanted to see more.  The performer in the role of Tiger Lilly was graceful and full of energy.  If all of ballet was like that I think I would go see it more often.  This interaction by itself is worth the price of admission.  I know in today’s hyper-sensitive culture the ‘Red Man’ song is not worthy of a modern production, but I will say it was missed.  That’s mostly a memory of seeing my dad laugh so hard and joke about his mother-in-law . . . he’d laugh so hard he’d turn red too and so would the rest of us laughing at/with him.

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