If you are into uniqueness, then you’ll be right at home in the Silver Springs ghost town, just a mile or so north, then turn west past a delightful Old West store-front outdoor mall for about another mile off Leeds Exit 22. Actual Address1903 Wells Fargo Rd, Leeds, UT 84746.

One un-matched feature of Silver Springs is the claim that it’s the only place in the USA where silver was mined from sandstone. How did it get there? This Legends of America page has information on the discovery. If you’re there on the right day, you may be lucky enough to watch skilled ladies in pioneer dresses whip out a warm, colorful rag doll in minutes. (You can even take one home by making a donation.) You may see Lawmen and Muddy-River Gang members keeping an eye on each other as they saunter along the wooden walks, time ticking down to the inevitable Old West shoot out.

If you’d like to surround yourself with things the settlers used to get through a day, $3.00 will get you into the visitor’s center, or $10.00 will set your whole family loose inside to discover old treasures in the glass displays or set high on the shelves, listen to a phone that tells old time stories of whichever photo you choose, or browse the colorful diversity of the gift shop.

With the admission fee comes a hand stamp that lets you mosey on in to the cafe, where a World’s Fair sized display shows and tells history of the area industry, accompanied by delectable smells from the luncheon counter along a wall.

One of my favorite features was the Powder House, with a miniature layout of Silver Reef as a bustling city. In the corner are paper maps you can take with you, showing locations of other prominent landmarks. Hiking along a short trail from the Powder House to the foundation and partial walls of a once-grand house perched on a hill offers a sweeping view of other abandoned and since re-purposed structures. (The thrifty settlers weren’t about to let good building materials sit idle.) Yet the map allows you to imagine the place as it once was.

After all, your imagination is the best time machine ever made.

With a few twists of the wrist, this doll maker created a charming little rag doll.

Interested children watch doll makers at their trade.

Items for all tastes can be found in the gift shop.

The Muddy River Gang contemplates adding a new member. “She could fit through windows and small doors…”

A view of Silver Reef

This respectable building once housed criminals in a jail underneath.

Period costumed personnel welcome you to Silver Reef.

An amazing Old West sculpture in the Silver Reef Museum.

Lawmen and the Muddy River Gang talk about their plans.

The only place in America where silver was found in sandstone.

Look at all the old things you can see!