World Wildlife Museum as seen from the I-15 freeway.

Do you have a hankering for wild places?

You can’t get much wilder than a cougar attack!

Do you yearn to travel outside your country’s borders?

Unless you live in the African bush, this scene is outside your country’s borders!

St. George’s World Wildlife Museum just might help scratch that travel itch.

There are so many wonderful things to enjoy at the World Wildlife Museum that an hour wasn’t enough time for us.

Conveniently located from the I-15 freeway off the Dixie Drive exit, at 1835 S Convention Center Dr, St George, UT 84790, the museum is open from 10-5 Monday through Saturday, except some holidays. Go before 4:00 pm! With so many different fascinating rooms to explore, and hundreds of animals from all around the world, you want to be sure to experience it all.

A deep canyon winding through the impressive exhibit offers a great opportunity to imagine yourself in various exotic settings.

A convenient feature of the  museum is a hand held self-guided tour wand. All you do is push the number posted at the display you stand before, and you can hear all kinds of interesting information about the animals and settings.

Listening in on the cool self guided tour wands.

Besides the full bodied animal displays, there’s a rooms geared toward children, where they can actually touch things, or play with outdoorsy-type objects.

Children (and adults!) can touch hides, crawl into a tent, and even hold hands with a bear in the kids’ room.

A “friendly” bear.

If you’re tall enough, it might give you a kiss.

Not all the bears are friendly, though. (You aren’t supposed to touch the displays.)

Taking a stance.

What’s that?

It’s bigger than me!

The array of mounts is endlessly entertaining, from fierce to friendly.

Ouch! A realistic view of nature.

Quick! Act like a rock so the angry javelinas will gallop on by!

Better watch your step in the dim Nocturnal Cave if you don’t want to lose a toe.

All the giraffe wants is a drink of water.

Cold north caribou and reindeer! (The magic wand explains the difference.)

The mood-enhancing rock corridor winds through this riveting display, taking you on a journey that includes petroglyphs and an explanation for their presence in the wildlife display.

Amazing insects that you may have never seen before can be found in the insect room.

Only one of MANY wondrous displays in the insect room.

This photo doesn’t do the museum justice. There are displays behind me, and more beyond the animals shown here.

The camel looking over the second floor glass partition seemed to wonder what we were hearing about him. (We’re not telling!)

You won’t know all that’s a available for your entertainment until you go to the World Wildlife Museum, a place I would like to return to when we have more than an hour’s time to explore.